4 Day Farm Internship

Monday-Thursday 8am-3:30pm

Farming is a unique job field to pursue. With creativity, optimism and a lot of grit you can become a successful farmer.

The goal of this experience is to give people of all ages an opportunity to interface with a working farm to acquire useful skills helpful for growing and selling food. There is no prior experience needed, but this internship is intended for those that are seriously considering farming for a living or who may already be farming. Through varied farm tasks and resource sharing this opportunity is meant to be a springboard to greater pursuits within the organic, regenerative farming world.


Sweet Farm Mornings

Every Tuesday from 8:30-10am
Babies 0-12 months

$5 per adult
$15 veggie box (optional)

An open house on our farm for new parents and their babies.

Come and walk, have a picnic, nurse or harvest during this time. A little dirt, sun and fresh air can be truly healing and joyful. Space is limited, please register before you come.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Food and beverage will not be provided.